Goddexx Daphne - She's the Other Woman - Goddess Worship, Homewrecker Fantasy Play

Added: 24-11-2021

Look at you. You’re so eager, aren’t you?
I can see it in your eyes. That look. Pure desire, with a hint of guilt.
Oh, are you not supposed to be here? Mmm, I see. What a naughty boy you are. That’s why you look guilty, because you’ve snuck away again to come see Me.
This is what you crave most of all, isn’t it? Being in the presence of a dominant, beautiful Goddess. You need it. You need to feel yourself submit to My power. You need to stroke while you admire Me. You feel your mind aching for it, your cock aching for it.

But that voice in that back of your mind whispers…
“What would she think if she knew I was doing this?”
How would she react if she discovered this addiction of yours? Would she be mad or heartbroken? Would she cry? Would she break up with you?
You think about this for a moment, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. It never does. You need this too badly to care how she would react.

I am more important to you than her. If she knew about Me, she might consider Me the “other woman.”
That’s laughable. I am the one you long for. I am the one who understands your submissive perversions. I am the one who makes you rock hard. I am the one who makes you weak with just one look.

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