Princess Cherry - Are you Worthy To Be My Ass Cushion - Ass Goddess

Added: 18-11-2021

CUSTOM: I would LOVE an ASS SM*THERING POV video (My face being the camera) - NO NUDITY Attire: Thong (any color) and any top you feel is best Scenario: You Love sitting on subs faces, sm*thering them to test their limits and their worthiness to be your Ass Worshiping Slave. . . The rest is up to you Please show your LOVELY FACE in a short intro while telling me what you're going to do. Please do EXTREME CLOSE UPS (Fill the entire screen so I feel like your Ass is covering my whole face :-)) Please focus on your ASSH*LE at center screen so my nose is pressed right against it.(Again NO NUDITY just the spot where it HALOS your Thong) :-) Sm*ther segments are 30 - 45 secs intervals with the LAST being 1 min 30 secs (Simply, SM*THER me until I Pass Out). Wiggle/Grind your DELICIOUS ASS a little while sitting on my face so my nose gets buried deeper. :-) Light humiliation like teasing/giggling as I struggle to get air. Improv any dialogue you see fit. =) - Forever Your seat "FACE" cushion *Note: Use any technique you want (sitting position or standing) as long as the camera is centered between your PERFECT CHEEKS! Also, your cheeks spread perfectly when you bend over and arch your back BUT if your decide to manually spread your cheeks PLEASE GENTLY use BOTH HANDS so your BUBBLE BUTT is not misshapen *

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