Humiliation POV - Lucid Lavender - Indoctrinating Online Slaves Through Mental Mindfuckery

Added: 20-11-2021

Lucid Lavender! This is a mesmerize clip, you can already see some of the effects but the real power of this clip lies in Lucid's audio. There are so many layers of subliminal messages programmed into this clip, you won't realize what she's doing to you until it's too late.
I want you to send me an email (given in clip). Subject header: 'I Am Your Online Slave'. And in the email I want your name, your 3 primary fetishes, and then send me some video footage of some fun activities that I may dream up.
You are an online slave. You live to serve. Take a nice deep breath in. Feel it fill your lungs, feel my energy enter your body as I sit here looking down at you. As you breathe in and out, with every breath you sink in deeper and deeper into your state of servitude. You are my online slave. You live to serve me. Find your place below me. Find your place as my online slave. If you want to serve, if that is your desire, then you've come to the right place. You found the right clip. And now is your chance to show me that you're worthy of even being able to be under me. Showing that you're worthy and you can follow instructions.
You don't deserve to cum in this video, you haven't earned that yet. All you can do is sit there like a goon and stroke. I don't care how frustrated you get, you're not allowed to cum. Prove to me that you're worthy and then maybe one day you'll deserve it. But for now don't worry about that, I want your mind to be clear, I want it to be open. I want it to be ready for me to enter and take over. To own every single piece of you. Breathe in and feel your mind start to weaken. Your defenses, take them down for me. You can trust me.
You want your choices taken away, to have a powerful woman controlling your moves, controlling your basic human reactions. This is what you wanted, this is what you bought the clip for. You're stroking your cock, already aware that there will be no release. Aware that I would tease you with that feeling while I tease you with my body, my words, my presence. If only you were here...
Imagine if you could be that close to me where I could actually feed off of your energy, where I could be sitting in front of you watching you stroke. Is that the only thing you're good for? Right now, I think it is. That's all you can, do isn't it? As you stare at your computer screen, completely mesmerized by me and what I'm doing to you. What's going though your mind right now? I'm sure it's pretty much the same as every other boy who's watching this. You're not special, although you might want to be. But you're just another boy who bought this clip who is stuck, glued to his chair, mindlessly jerking.
Can you feel it yet? It's starting to wash over you, my subliminal messages are doing their work. It starts out pretty light at first, but if you know me, you know just how bad it gets. You probably want it to get worse. You're curious just how bad it will get. How bad can I make it? How deep will you let yourself sink into your fetish? I can find my way in but I know you're going to open the door and let me in.
Just continue to sit there and stroke, keep your eyes open and your ears listening. Don't cum. Just let my mesmerizing words take control. Let my magic take over your mind. As you kneel there, under me, staring up, stroking. You'll start to feel my words and my energy start to enter your body. My hooks are sinking into your brain, making you mine. Changing all of your thoughts, all of your priorities, into me, images of me, everything me, because slowly as my words start to take you over, you become mine. You become a toy, my online slave. You want to know how to serve me. Allow me to own you. I control your orgasms just because I have that power, because you're handing it to me right now. I don't even have to try that hard. You want me to own you. Now is that you or am I slowly starting to change your thought patterns? You are my online slave, you live to serve.

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