Marissa Sweet - Bratty Teachers Anatomy - Femdom Pov

Added: 22-11-2021

This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: Teacher/student script--->[CLOTHING]: another slim fit shirt/sweater with straight bottom, worn inside your short at beginning of the scene, low raise shorts (no belt/girdle), another thong (if you have a black one that will be perfect)--[SCENE]: you are a sexy teacher (subject that you like of course), sitting on chair near at a desk, crossing your legs, doing some lessons to a student (imaginary, look at the camera),.. teaching is a hard job (help yourself with some books if you want), and after a while you feel tired and you begin to yawn and you do a lot of stretching poses like moving arms up and dawn, arching your back, arching your feet and so on, feel free---- you are not only a prepared teacher, but also a sexy one..and it happens again: your student doesn't follow your teaching anymore, he stares at your body, especially when you show your belly and feet when you first time you notice his attentions but you don't care about that....after a while it starts to like the situation and you tease him with your sexy body not only with stretching poses, but also with seductive allusions--

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