HumiliationPOV - Goddess Kyaa - Kneel Before Me As I Teach You The Pleasure Of Obedience

Added: 06-06-2016

Praise the Goddess you worship, Me. For I am kind enough to grant you this special video. This video is specifically for my truly devoted Kyaaists. So bow down and worship, kneel as you watch this. This is church for you. Treat this time worshiping my videos as you would any church, down on your knees in reverent prayer, happy and joyous, singing my praises. And listen carefully to the sermon herein.

Today Im going to talk to you Kyaaists about worshiping obediently. Obedience, this is an important concept for Kyaaists. Obedience is a must. You see by bowing down and watching this video you have obeyed my command. When you physically bring yourself down to your knees where you belong you will truly feel your place as well as mine, above you. This is obedience. And obedience is rewarded. Those of you who dropped to their knees immediately when I commanded it, you are all good boys. Those who obey, you please me. I am a happy Goddess because you have obeyed my command.

Show your reverence slave, show the reverence you feel in your fucking bones for me in the way that you prostrate yourself. As I bask in the worship I feel coming from you. I bask in the glory, soaking in your submission. And now that you understand the feeling of obedience, you understand how obedience in and of itself is its own reward because it feels so good to obey. When you kneel, when you have been told to kneel, you are a happy slave. It is your place, it is where you belong.

Through your obedience you are giving worship to Goddess Kyaa. This is a very important lesson. You need to obey, and you will obey my every command because I am the Goddess you worship. I am so powerful, I make you feel so weak, and you are nothing but a little minion. Just a weak pathetic slave. I am so far above you slave. Look at you on the floor, groveling beneath me, so weak for my long legs and my dangling heels.

Your cock throbbing as you kneel. Slaves need permission to cum and you must always pay your cum tax. Only those who know they need to pay their cum tax are allowed to stroke, otherwise you need to be locked in chastity. Obedience is rewarded slave.

Im going to count you down and make you cum, but you must cum how I command it. And I command you to cum into your hand and lick it up in holy communion today. Lick up every last drop of cum for me, my obedient slave. Now confess how thankful you are for my guidance. I will hear your prayers and only obedient slaves will have them answered.

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