Kelle Martina - Encouraged Bi: Seduced Into Cocksucker - Encouraged Bi,

Added: 24-11-2021

So you want to belong to me completely? Do anything to make me happy? My favorite sexual fantasy is making a boy suck cock for me. Using my feminine wiles and my beautiful black lace bra and panty set to melt you into what I want. I love making you question your sexuality for me. I bet you thought you were completely straight before you met me...then you realized you would suck cock if it was FOR ME. You find yourself unable to stop yourself from stroking for me. The more you stroke, the more bl00.d goes from your brian to your dick. It's at that point that you are most weak and vulnerable and I can make you to anything I want. I stare into your eyes and give you that devious smile that makes you hard and afraid all at once. You're afraid of what you really want to do for me. I tell you about a sexy scenrio of how I would get you to suck cock for the first time. I seduce every shred of sense out of you, turning you into a pile of mush, ready and willing to accept cock for me.

File Name : 11___Miss_Kelle_Martina_-_Forced_Bi_-_Seduced_into_Cocksucker
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Duration: 00:09:15
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