HumiliationPov - Goddess Alexandra Snow - Extreme Self CBT Ballbusting Humiliation

Added: 27-10-2021

You pain sluts are all so eager to do anything to please me. But are you really willing to do Anything? I’m not so sure you are. Because if you do, you’re going to really have to hurt your cock and balls, and I mean, really hurt them. Your balls are fucking mine!I want you to pull your cock to the side and expose your balls, and I want you to take some string and you’re going to wrap it around your balls and the base of your cock. I want your balls completely exposed. Now start with an open palm and smack your balls. And you better do it hard. I want it to hurt. Keep slapping them, harder and harder, over and over and over again! I want them swollen.Next I want you to dig your fingernails into your balls, and then flick them with your fingernail. Now take a shoe or a high heel, and I want you hit your balls with the sole of your shoe. Hit them so hard that you cry out in pain. Do it again! I want it to make a loud noise each time you hit them. Are you crying yet? Those balls are mine!Now get ready to prove to me, that you’ll do whatever it takes to please me, to hurt yourself. Go get your Iron! Yes, you heard me right! We’re going to iron out the wrinkles in those balls. Press it right into your nuts. I want you to flatten out your balls like a pancake!And for the grand finale, I want you to hold the iron to your balls, and I want you to plug it in and turn it on and jerk. I want you to fucking jerk and hurry and up and try and cum before it burns your balls!

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