Madam Violet - The Girlfriend Trap

Added: 29-07-2016

Youve been a careless boy and left your iPad at home, your girlfriend figured out your passcode:I confront you when you get in, I know everything! You are a submissive hipno-slut who needs to be dominated and controlled, taken in hand, pleasured and punished in equal measure. I tell you what I read turned me on, and what got my panties the wettest was reading that apparently, all you need to hear are the words SLEEP and you instantly fall into a trance, an OBEDIENT trance. Which of course you do! Pleased my plan is working, I effortlessly manipulate you deeper, snapping my fingers like a pro, using the trigger words I found such as DROP all whilst revealing my gorgeous body to fuck you up even more, teasing your hard cock with it.I tell you instead of dumping you, I will USE you. Take your broken, confused mind and make it MINE. When I have you deeper than you have been before you stroke your aching dick and I tell you that I want a TPE. All your assets will be moved into MY name, you will cook, you will clean, you will OBEY. You will entertain my friends and I, naked and collared, you will ADORE ME EVERY minute of every DAY. NO other woman will ever control you again. I OWN you, you are no longer a man, you are another asset I have acquired. Im so wet and aroused by My power, the sight of My perfect erect nipples evidence of how much I am enjoying Myself. I take you close to the edge of orgasm, and make you believe youre about to get your release, then I order you to stop SLAVE. NO more orgasms for you for a LONG time, did you think I wouldnt make you pay?! I finish with a final command; when you awaken it will seem as though nothing has happened but EVERYTHING has changed forever, and tomorrow morning youll feel a compulsion to lock your cock up. You wont be needing it anymore honey, all I want from you is your tongue in My ASShole, your MONEY in My bank, and your MIND in the palm of My hand. For the rest of your life. Now make Me a coffee.

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