HumiliationPov - Mandy Flores - Edge To My Irresistible Lips and Tongue

Added: 08-08-2016

You’re going to cum to just my lips today. Do you know why? Because they own you. These lips are going to tell you what to do. When I lick my lips with my tongue, you have to jerk your cock and not stop. And when I stop licking my lips, you have to stop jerking. And then at the end I’m going to lick them extra long, and allow you to cum. I’m going to have you so addicted to my lips. You love my mouth, my lips, my tongue, the color of my lips, how wet they look, the sounds they make, the commands that they give. You love how they look on my gorgeous goddess face, there’s no way you could ever resist me. I could show you my hot body, but really, you just love jerking to my gorgeous face. My beauty is what gets you. I’m the most beautiful goddess you’ve ever seen and that’s why you want to serve me.

Go on, jerk a little while you watch me apply my lipstick. You probably almost came right there. Whenever my tongue touches my lips you get to stroke. It’s gonna be hard for you because that’s when you’ll want to blow the most. I’m going to tease you with my lips and keep you edging over and over, until your cock is begging to cum. Just look at my sexy mouth loser. Remember you only get to jerk when I lick my plump, irresistible red lips.

My face is all you need to cum. My beauty entrances you. My silky lips mesmerize you. They’ve got you edging so hard for me. And I don’t even need to show you any other part of my body. Even the voice that flows from these lips has you trapped. Keep edging, hold out for my lips, until they give you permission. You stare at my lips, desperate to hear the words… Get ready to cum for my lips.

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