HumiliationPOV - Bratty Bunny - As It Goes Down Your Throat Click And Pay, Secretary Pantyhose Blackmail, Shutting Down Your Brain, You Will Never Fully Awaken (Effects)

Added: 04-10-2016

Video 1

-Bratty Bunny!

I want you, when I say, to eat your own load for me. You’re going to eat your own cum, just for me. But wait, it gets better. Not only are you going to eat it, but you’re going to pay for it. Pretty simple really, you eat your load and then you tribute me for allowing you to eat it, lol.

And don’t worry, I’m going to help you through the process, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. So whip out that dick and start pumping it. I’m so nice for doing this for you. This is going to be so much fun. I want you to build up a huge load because you’re going to swallow that cum down.

Now don’t wimp out and give yourself a facial because that’s not what I want. I want you to open up your mouth and squirt it all over your tongue, and get it in your teeth, and have it go down your throat. It’s all about the cum eating. Then right after you cum, you’re going to go and click on one of my tribute buttons, and you’re going to pay me to eat your load. Do you understand? Did you get that through your little brain?

This is what you deserve, this is what has to happen. Eating your cum for me is very, very important, lol. So keep stroking loser. I know how much you love jerking your cock for me. I want to make you so weak, so you will do what I say whether you like it or not.

Now get your hips up high and I want you to jerk your cock right over your face, so all that cum goes right into your mouth and drips down your throat. You’re going to enjoy doing this because you know it will please me. And you need to pay me to have you eat your own cum, that’s pretty fucking humiliating. And you should thank me as well. As it goes down your throat, click and pay…


Video 2


Humiliation POV - Bratty Bunny - Secretary Pantyhose Blackmail

-Bratty Bunny!

Hi boss, did you have something to talk to me about? Are you staring at my legs? They're pretty sexy, right? I've noticed that you stare at my legs quite a lot, and you seem to get aroused. Is it my legs or is it my pantyhose? Well I can see from your pants it's my pantyhose. Are you a little pantyhose freak? Do you wanna worship them boss? I thought you were supposed to be in charge but it looks like I'm in charge now, I'm the boss.

Look at my legs and feet in these sexy pantyhose, I know you can't stop. Especially when I touch my legs. Do you like how tight they are against my skin, my ass, legs and my pussy? You love it and you're addicted to them. I have you right where I want you. You need to get down on your knees, right here in my office, and you need to beg to touch my pantyhose. And maybe I'll let you caress my pantyhose. Is that something that you'd be interested in?

Well here's the deal, if you want to worship me and my pantyhose, you're going to have to give me a raise and give me Lots of vacation days. All because you're a pantyhose freak and you wouldn't want anyone to know now would you? You're an addict, it's so pathetic. But now I know just how to manipulate you. Give it all to me now and you can come crawl over here and touch and kiss my pantyhose.

I can see how mesmerized you are as I rub my legs together. Boss you're so weak, so powerless against my pantyhose. It's like we've traded places now. You've wanted this to happen for so long. And I'm going to get what I want, a big fat raise, for my pantyhose. Good boy, now crawl over here and I'll give you what you want perv.


Video 2


Humiliation POV - Bratty Bunny - Shutting Down Your Brain, You Will Never Fully Awaken (Effects)

-Bratty Bunny!

This clip has a deep, hypnotic echoing effect and is best listened to with headphones. Stare deeply into the spiral.

I want you to relax, breathe and focus. This is all about shutting down your brain, for you to get into a different kind of reality with me. I want you to take in all of my words. I will take you down further and deeper than you've ever been, to something that you've never felt before. Fall into my eyes and have no thoughts anymore. Shut down your brain. This will feel so good as I overtake your mind.

I will shut you down completely. This is what you crave. You're going to be addicted to letting go for me. You're not going to be able to escape me, I'm going to be stuck in your mind. I'll be like a drug, filling your veins. And you will be helpless, under my trance. Your mind is shutting down. You're fucked, and you love it.

You're completely under now. I won't be bringing you back out of this. Shut down your brain. Shut down your body. Shut down your dick. Shut it all down for me, a powerful, seductive Goddess. You can't do anything about it now. Just a blank mind, let me overtake you. There should be no thoughts as I take over your brain. I have complete control over you because you are so weak, so horny.

Now you're just a ball of mush for me to toy with. So pathetic. This is where you belong. This is your new reality. And it's going to be impossible to escape. I am your new waking reality. Your brain is shut down and you won't be able to think without me. I will do the thinking for you from now on because your brain is now incapable of working without me. You are nothing. You will live for my words.

And I'm going to leave you here. I'm not bringing you out of hypnosiss. I'm shutting your brain down for good. And without my guidance, you will never completely awaken from this.





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