Candi - Object of Desire

Added: 25-09-2015
Candi - Object of Desire

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Place: your parent's house (your bedroom) Time: you parents are out for the evening. Dress: Tight white v-neck t-shirt that you've cut a slit down the top, a push-up show off your cleavage and a skirt. (a pregnant hottie tease)
You are the hottest girl in school and the head cheerleader, but you're also so pregnant you can't fit behind the desks at school anymore and have to stay home until after the baby. You decided to sneak me (the boy at school that's always been eyeing you especially after you got pregnant, but was too shy to say anything) over to your house to keep from being lonely.
I walk into your room to see you sitting on the bed against the wall rubbing your belly through your shirt. You know I'm going to need a little coaxing, to get what you want, but you've heard that I have an enormous cock and you want it. You invite me on your bed and tell me to feel your belly pulling up your shirt. You whisper that we don't have long and coax me to lay down as you take off my pants and straddle me slipping my cock under your skirt. You sit down and gasp/grin as you realize how huge I am inside you.
You start off slowly rocking on me feeling me grow inside you by slowly stroking your bare belly. You tell me "I want you to pump your thick gooey syrup into my pregnant belly. I want you to fill this pregnant with an enormous load so big my belly grows". You remind me that you are my fantasy...I'm having sex with a pregnant cheerleader. I grow even more inside you and you realize I'm so huge, I'm actually stuck inside you. You stop for a moment, a little shocked at the situation knowing you couldn't dismount me now if you wanted to, but grin and decide to take advantage of me.
You ask me if I can keep a secret. You make me promise not to tell. You tell me you're not just having one're carrying triplets. You can tell I'm surprised and excited. "Just imagine they're your growing in the belly of the head cheerleader" you tell me. At this point you and you know I'm about to cum. You lean forward and whisper: "I want you to get me pregnant with a fourth baby....I want to be pregnant with quadruplets". As if on cue I start to cum. you sit up and gasp holding the sides of your belly. (You push your stomach out as much as you can) Breathing exhausted now, you slowly rub your belly. "Oh my god" you gasp at me. "There is so much cum in my belly right now I don't even want to get up" You grin and realize you are the one who asked for so much cum it would make your belly grow...and that's exactly what you got. "I wouldn't be surprised if I were carrying quadruplets right now" you say deviously rubbing your engorged belly. "It looks like I won't be going back to school anytime soon".

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