HumiliationPOV - Princess Candy Glitter - Jerk Your Brain Out Puppet, Self Esteem Destruction

Added: 07-11-2016

You are a worthless little bitch. You’re useless, you can’t do anything for me. And you have no self worth. You know that you are useless and stupid. All you do is jerk off and obsess over me. I mean who could blame you, look at me. I’m sexy, young, hot and perfect. And then look at you, you’re a weak, pathetic loser. Just a submissive little loser.I want you to remind yourself every day that you are a little submissive loser. I want you to reinforce this idea in your stupid little brain. Because it’s exactly what you are. And you need constant reminding, not just by me, but by your own thoughts. I want you to feel it, to know it. I want your self worth gone. And it’s so easy for me to do this because I have complete control over you and your mind. You’re my little puppet for me to fuck with. You have no confidence, you have nothing to offer, you have no self worth and that’s why you’ve turned into my little puppet.All you do is jerk off. And whenever that dick of yours gets hard, you just get so stupid for me, don’t you? Of course you do puppet. You get hornier and dumber. And that makes you want to obey. And puppets love to obey. You’re my little puppet, you mean nothing to me, just a play thing for me to control and nothing more. I’m going to destroy your fragile ego, puppet, until there is no self worth remaining, until I’ve completely broken you down. And my words make you weaker and dumber for me as you jerk to the thoughts I plant in your brain as you’re mesmerized by my hot young body.You need my control puppet, don’t you? You’re so lost, so stupid. You have no self control, no self worth. You’re so fucking pathetic. A real man would never let a woman control him the way I control you. And all it takes is just a little ego destruction. You’re a weak submissive loser, you have no self worth. You need constant reinforcement of this fact. But you know you’re place don’t you? You’re stroking to it right now, I know.. You’re so horny, stroke it faster my little puppet. I know my body is making you weak.Soon I will completely invade your thoughts. You won’t be able to do anything without my approval, without my consent. I’m turning you into my mindless little puppet. Stroke. This is how I like you, stupid and horny. I’m going to help your jerk your brain out of your head, puppet. And when you explode, all that remains of your self worth will be drained along with your cum. Squirt out your dignity my little puppet.

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