AmericanMeanGirls - Goddess Raven - Stored Until Used

Added: 30-09-2015
AmericanMeanGirls - Goddess Raven - Stored Until Used

This house has over 6,000 Square Feet… and THIS one little square foot is yours! LOL
Every day after you have cleaned this entire house you will come right HERE and chain yourself back to the stove until I get home… (IF I even come home that day! haha!) I certainly wont tell a worthless loser like you my travel schedule. But regardless, you are to clean this house from top to bottom every fucking day and wait. I don’t care if you starve if I go out of town for a week. The funny and fucked up part is that you chain yourself to the stove and I don’t even watch you. You do it because you are so broken and I have warped your mind into COMPLETE obedience.
If I DO come home, I certainly don’t want to look at you so just start cooking my dinner and then clean up. After that I might have some of my hot friends over- so you will have to sleep in this cabinet. See, you will get in there. You can jerk yourself off in there and lick up your cum for dinner, for all I care. Or better yet, you will lick all the crumbs off the floor and out of the corners like a human vacuum cleaner haha.
And you better do a good job licking up those crumbs in front of my friends too, because I want them to be impressed by how pathetic and obedient you are just to be allowed around me! I want them to laugh at you. And if thats not enough to amuse them, I am going to have them line up and literally offer your mouth for them to take turns p1sssing into! LOL!

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