HumiliatioPOV - Goddess Amadahy - What??? You Want It Smaller???

Added: 30-09-2015
HumiliatioPOV - Goddess Amadahy - What??? You Want It Smaller???

So I was recently browsing through the members forum of HumiliationPOV when I came across a topic named, "Can I Make My Penis Smaller?" LOL! Are you fucking serious? You want it smaller? Who the fuck would want a smaller penis? You want to figure out how you can make your three inch micro dick even smaller! Are you stupid? What is wrong with you? Do you want it so small that it resembles a clit?
I hope you understand how fucking screwed up in the head you are. Most every guy wants a Bigger dick! But not you, you want the tiniest dick imaginable so you can tuck it away in some cute panties. You want to know if there is a cream or an injection or something you can do to make it smaller! That is just so fucked up! You are pathetic!
You're an embarrassment to society. You are a reject. Your brain is wired wrong. And your dick is sooo small! And you want it to go from 3 inches to 1 inch! How would you even jerk it? You wouldn't! You'd rub it like a clitty. You are not a man. Look at yourself. Your small dick isn't even small enough for you, you want it even smaller!
Tiny dick losers like you don't even deserve my attention. Especially those of you that want their dicks even smaller. And on top of it, you compulsively masturbate that little thing. It's kinda gross but it does make me laugh. You should go to the doctor. Not to have your cock made smaller, but to have your messed up head checked out because there is definitely something wrong with freaks like you.
You are absolutely the most pathetic thing I've ever come across in my life. Of all the stupid things I've heard from losers like you, this has to be the dumbest of them all. You disgust me.

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