Tina Winter - You're Fat, Ugly, and Pathetic!

Added: 15-10-2015

You're in the kitchen again? You're always here. You're getting so fat! Pretty soon you won't be able to even fit through the doorway. Just look at all that fat... it's disgusting! The worst part is you're not even trying to do anything about it. Haven't you ever thought about getting a girlfriend? You're probably a virgin, aren't you? Do you think you'll ever get a girl who looks like I do? A girl with an amazing body, tight ass, and awesome legs? You might get a girl someday but she'll probably be crazy and even she probably wouldn't even fuck you. You're just way too fat and ugly. Let's see what you have in your fridge, fat-ass. Wow, look at all of this junk food! Cheeseburgers, pastries, cakes... wow. Is this your diet? You're feeling bad about yourself but you keep eating like this? What is wrong with you? You're never going to get a girlfriend being as fat and ugly as you are. The only thing you can do is just wank to my body, you sad loser. I bet your can't even see your cock over your big stomach. You're probably going to from a heart attack soon because you're such a fat fuck. Just look at my body while you jerk your tiny dick because you're never going to get me or a girl who looks anything like me. You suck!

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