HumiliationPOV - Goddess Chloe - Heart Attack

Added: 20-10-2015

I heard you went to the doctor recently and he told you that your heart isn’t doing to well. It’s just not that strong anymore. He said you could have a heart attack at any moment if you don’t watch your activity level. He said it could happen if you get too excited. That’s a shame isn’t it? Well not for me because I know that when you d.!.e. , I will receive all of your money and I could really use it about now. And since I can’t kill you, what if I tease you and get your heart pumping so hard that it just stops?

It would be so easy for me to get you worked up with my amazing body. Your heart is already starting to pump faster. I know that my body alone could give you a heart attack. But we need to get your heart racing faster, so start jerking it really fast. It feels so good, you can’t stop, you feel your heart pounding until it just stops, and you have a heart attack. Then I would reap all of the benefits because I am in your will. And my goal is to take everything you have and I’m going to drive you absolutely wild until your heart can’t take it anymore. You can feel it already, pumping in your chest.

Your weak heart simply can’t keep up with a girl like me. You can’t control your urges. So keep stroking it faster. Feel your heart pumping out of your chest, you’re getting light headed, but there’s no stopping it now. And I want you to enjoy it because it’s going to be the last orgasm you’re ever going to have.

You feel your heart pumping your blood but it’s having a hard time with all of those clogged up arteries. I want you to explode but I’m not talking about your cock. I want your heart to explode. I want you to have a heart attack right now. You might cum and d.!.e. at the same time but it feels so good that you can’t stop. Soon you’ll be looking down on your soulless body and you’re still going to thank me because I gave you the best orgasm of your life. And when you cum and your heart stops, your cock will go limp forever.

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