Goddess Lacey Reigns - Melting Your Heart As I Fuck Your Brain - Hypn0tic Love Spell

Added: 22-10-2015

If you aren't already, you will fall in love with me! This clip has a deep, echoing effect and is best listened to with headphones. Men fall in love with me all the time. That's what happens when you're a hot girl. Men just fall all over themselves for you. They buy me things and make total fools of themselves for me. So today I'm going to really get inside Your head and make you fall so deeply in love with me, that you'll never think of another woman ever again.Don't think about what's happening, just watch, listen, let me take over Your mind. Focus on my eyes and let my gorgeous face seduce you in the background. Let go of Your stresses, let go of Your mind, let Yourself go so weak and empty of all thought. I'm going to empty out Your Brain so I can fill it with my words, my deep mind control will take over and I will Fuck Your Brain. Stare at my eyes, and into my gorgeous face and you won't even notice the words that I'm putting into Your head. It's going to feel so good, and you won't even know what's happening to you. You are in such a weak state right now. You need me so badly, you need a Goddess to worship, and you need someone to show you direction in Your pathetic life. You're falling in love with me. I want you to love me. It's ok. You want to be in love. You feel Yourself getting helpless. Feel the words escape from Your lips, 'I Love You'. Yes, again, just let it go feel it, feel my words, repeat them.
I own Your mind but I want to own more than that because you're Brain is really weak. I want to own Your Heart, I want to be the only Goddess who can break Your Heart into a million pieces. I want that power. I want you to love me so much that without me in Your life, you have nothing to live for. Fall deeper in love... Feel Your Heart begin to melt into my hands. I want it to love me so much. Say the words again, 'I Love You'. I make Your Heart race. I own Your soul, and every day you will fall more helplessly in love with me.

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