HumiliationPOV - Goddess Jocelyn - Lucky Loser Worships Goddess Jocelyn’s Feet

Added: 23-10-2015

Goddess Jocelyn is in Las Vegas and she’s getting ready to go out. But first, there’s some perv who wants to pay for her night out. He wants to pay just to lick her feet. She can feel him staring at her as she talks to her friend on the phone, talking about all the hot guys they’re going to hook up with tonight. She hangs up the phone and looks at the foot freak with disgust. At first, all he is allowed to do is stare at her feet. She knows that makes his cock hard. He’s completely mesmerized by her sexy high heels.

He begs to kiss her feet. She allows him, just some little worship kisses. But before she allows him the privilege of licking her feet, first he must lick her heels. Paying isn’t enough, he has to completely degrade himself if he wants her feet. After he cleans her heels she lets him take them off with his mouth. He begs some more to be allowed to lick her feet, and once she is satisfied, she allows him to begin my licking her toes. She’s really disgusted by this loser. He thanks her for being allowed to lick her feet. He’s so stupid and pathetic. He worships her Goddess feet like the foot freak that he is. He loves her feet and she is kind enough to let him sniff them, lol.

She can’t stop laughing at him. She rubs her feet all over his face and makes him smell them. Then she makes him clean between her toes. She wants to see how low he’ll go for her. She reminds him how fucking lucky he is to be licking her feet. Next she tramples his face with her dirty feet. She has him stick out his tongue as she runs her the sole of her feet from toe to heel across his tongue. She laughs at him for being so stupid and pathetic before she takes his money and walks out on him.

Goddess Jocelyn completely degrades and humiliates this loser while she laughs in his face the whole time. So many guys would love to be in his place, at the feet of Goddess Jocelyn.

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