HumiliationPOV - This Site Has Ruined You

Added: 24-10-2015

I know you’re type. You’re just a regular guy who happened to be alone, horny and bored one night, so you started surfing the web, hoping to find something different to jerkoff to. So you found your way to some fetish sites and eventually to HumiliationPOV. At first it wasn’t much, you would jerkoff to these videos occasionally, and you found that you really liked it. You loved the humiliation and the feeling that we gave you, that euphoric state.

But now you’ve begun to realize that sex doesn’t feel the same as it used to. You try to fuck, but it just isn’t the same. It doesn’t seem to feel as good. And you find that when you’re out with a girl or with your guy friends, that your mind starts wondering back to this site and you want to run home, log in to the site, and stroke your pathetic cock to our videos. Soon your realize that you’re going out less and less and you realize that you prefer to stay at home and jerk to the Brats of HumiliationPOV. You stay at home like a loser and watch clips and masturbate all night.

Even when a girl is with you, you find that you don’t even want to have sex with her anymore because it just doesn’t feel as good anymore. I and the other girls have ruined your life through HumiliationPOV. This site has ruined you, you’re a loser now. You used to be normal but now we’ve changed your life forever. You’ll never be the same. You’ll never know pleasure like we give you. You could get a girl, but you don’t want to anymore. All you can think about is jerking your cock and watching videos all night long.

You find yourself checking the site first thing in the morning and jerking off. Then you find that your mind is consumed all day with thoughts of humiliation. And at the end of the day you find yourself rushing home to be in front of your computer. You’ve become an addict to the Goddesses of HumiliationPOV. You’re obsessed. It’s ruining your life loser and you can’t stop. This site has ruined your brain, your brain is mush.

You begin to edge your cock every night because you want this feeling to last forever. You begin to completely ignore your friends and family. You don’t even care that this site is ruining your life. You love it. All you want to do is cum because it feels amazing, doesn’t it loser? You love it when we tell you to stroke, and you love it even more when we deny you. You’ve never met girls like us before you can make your cock twitch with excitement. And from now on, you’ll never experience pleasure in any other way.

And you’ll try to break free. But there’s no hope. Once you’re a member here, you’ll never leave. Just ask any of our current members. They’ll tell you that they’re trapped. They keep coming back, month after month, year after year. You’re never, ever going to leave. You’ll be here stroking your cock, day after day, like the rest of the losers.

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