Goddess JessiBelle - Making You My Bitch

Added: 28-04-2017

If you were looking to take a person and break them, remove any ounce of confidence, self esteem, every thought, decision, and make them into a mindless zombie...there's a certain way you have to do that. You have to take away everything they find comfort in, take everything they love, and with that you take away that security blanket. What is left is a shell of a person that will rely on you to tell them what to do. I am going to take your comfort and your happiness and all desire to be happy and make you watch as I burn it all away. One way to remove your happiness is to remove everything that make you YOU. I want you feeling like a prisoner in your own body. You're going to start off by shaving your head. I want you to lose all hope and the only positive thing in your life is me, making you rely on me ever more. You'll end up doing everything I want you to just so you can feel like there's one good thing happening in your life.

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