HumiliationPOV - Lady Fyre - Blissful Hyp n0 t!c Subconscious Mind Trance For Obedient Puppets

Added: 28-04-2017

This intense hyp n0 s!s clip is set to calming music, coupled with Lady Fyre’s soft voice, that will send you deep into a powerful trance. You will gaze upon her beauty through the hyp n0 t!c spiral and get lost in her eyes and in her words.
You’ve already been under so many times that your mind knows exactly what to do. Your mind knows to tell your body to relax right now. Allowing your eyes to remain open, and this does not at effect your body’s ability to relax for me. The more you relax your body, the more your heart rate begins to slow. You start to breathe in rhythm with my voice. You feel everything slowing down. You feel your mind beginning to open to me. Your conscious mind taking a back seat for awhile, allowing your subconscious mind to open to me completely. My voice relaxes you, my voice allows your mind to open to me until you are completely mine, until your subconscious mind is under my control. And now your mind can begin to make observations which will stay in your subconscious even after you awaken. You can observe the beautiful woman in front of you. The seductive and powerful Lady Fyre right before your eyes controlling your mind and making you feel so weak. You’ve been under hyp n0 s!s so many times that it’s like second nature. You fall quickly and gently into a blissful submissive state. My voice and my beauty mesmerize you, etching themselves deeply in your mind. They make you so weak and open. Your subconscious mind totally open to me, listening to what I want you to hear and retaining it. Deep in the recesses of your mind so that when you awaken, your subconscious mind will recall all that I’ve said here. You are weak and submissive for powerful women. So weak that you will do anything I tell you to do. You will do anything to please me. You feel weak for powerful women. You feel submissive before beautiful, powerful women. You will do anything for a beautiful, powerful woman. You are an obedient puppet for beautiful, powerful woman, and you will do anything for us, anything that a beautiful woman commands of you. You yearn to hear our commands, to please us, to make us happy. We can so easily seduce you. Allow your subconscious mind to absorb all that I have said here so that when you awaken, you will be a more useful puppet. Now allow your subconscious mind to fade into the background, now that I am done with it. Feel yourself returning to consciousness while you continue to feel the power that I have over you. And observe how good you feel right now as you fully awaken with your new training and triggers deeply implanted.

File Name : 11___ Lady Fyre Blissfults
Format: Windows Media
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Duration: 00:08:14
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