HumiliationPOV - Nikki Next - Get Lost In Your Hazy Head Stoner Boy As You Edge Your Brain Out

Added: 28-04-2017

Hey there stoner loser boy. Are you done smoking your bowl so you can edge your cock to some more porn? I know it feels so good to edge while you're stoned. That’s all your good for, just edging your stoned cock while you get mindless and stupid. You know you’re never going to have a chance with a girl like me because no girl wants some loser who just gets high and masturbates all day. No one wants a stupid stoner who’s going no where with their life. Your purpose in life is to get high and jerk yourself stupid while hot brats like me take advantage of you. So keep edging that cock to me, to my hot, young, tight body. Yea, that feels so good, doesn’t it stoner? You are a stoner loser and that’s all you’re ever going to be in life. A useless moron to be manipulated. And you love it. It’s all you want out of life, to be stoned and toyed with. No hot girl wants a stoner like you. We want real men who have their lives together. You’re just a jerkoff idiot. But it’s ok, you just go ahead and keep smoking and jerking off. I mean if that makes you happier than fucking a real girl, then so be it. Enjoy it loser. You stupid little stoner, jerk your own cock to my hot little ass. Get lost in my ass, get lost in your hazy head as you edge your brain out. Stroke it my little stoner, get dumber for me. Jerk off to my hot young body loser. You love being my little stoner loser boy, don’t you? Nothing feels better than this. You prefer it to pussy. You prefer your own hand a nice bowl. Instead of fucking real women you prefer to get stoned and stare at your computer screen. It’s kinda pathetic. You waste you life, your brain and your cock, all because you can’t control your addictions. I’m going to help you blow your brainless load. That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s all you want. How do I know? Because you do it night after night after night. Smoking and jerking your life away.

File Name : 11___Nikki Next Get Lostut
Format: Windows Media
File Size : 249 MB
Duration: 00:07:15
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