Mandy Flores - Break The Cuck

Added: 01-05-2017

You are my successful business woman wife. I’m ultra-submissive to you and have begged you to cuckold me as well as be your sl.ave 24/7. One day you come home, as usual looking perfection with your hair down, and looking dreamy as ever wearing an ultra-hot but elegant business suit that shows off your figure and reveals your stunning legs with beautiful hold up stockings and spikey very high heels. You order me to kneel in front of you as you sit and cross your legs in front of me. You are ultra-confident, almost emotionless as you stare at my pathetic figure before you and add a wicked smile as you know what is coming next. You reveal that you have decided to cuckold me but want this process to not only humiliate and frustrate me, as I will no longer be able to touch you - apart from kissing and licking your high heels and licking your warn panties. But you want this to hurt as much as it possibly can for me. You reveal that you never forgot me telling you, when we were happily married, that I was bullied at school by a very cruel and evil boy and completely humiliated and often beaten by him. You go on to explain you secretly tracked this boy down, now grown up. Found that he is a very good looking hunk, but very much the bad boy still. You reveal you approached him and easily seduced him and revealed to him you were married to one of the wimps he bullied while at school. You tell him you want him as your lover to cuckold your husband with. But not only do you want him to be your sexual partner and boyfriend but you want him to start bullying me again and making my life hell. You tell him that you want to see him completely humiliate me right in front of you and when required beat me up as you stand by and watch. You want to see me beg for mercy and after a beating be ordered by you to thank your boyfriend for the beating. You reveal you have already handed my chastity keys to him and that I will serve you both for the rest of my days. You reveal that you have already made love to him and that it is the best sex you have ever had and that you have fallen in love with him already. But tonight you wanted to give your new boyfriend a special treat. You reveal that he has his own keys to our house now and tonight you plan to pop out with the girls for a nice meal but will leave me handcuffed to the toilet and ball gag me and leave me in the dark, with the keys to the handcuffs on the toilet lid. Then after you have gone out with the girls your new boyfriend will be around to give me a taster of what life will be like. You’ve already given him permission to give me a proper going over and to phone you while you are enjoying your meal so you can hear me begging for mercy."

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