Kendra James - Super Heroine World - Kendra James Catwoman caught in the act!

Added: 04-05-2017

Catwoman is just about to make her escape after acquiring some exquisite pearls when she is abruptly interrupted by the cute but bothersome detective. Annoyed that the cop got the drop on her the fiendish cat burglar drops the precious necklace she bends over to retrieve them knowing that the detectives stare is focused squarely on her beautiful round ass. Being ever the opportunist Catwoman sees her angle to possibly strike a deal with the amorous detective. She slowly gives her captive a one on one very erotic eye full. She swings her plump ass back and forth like a magician's mesmerizing, watch slowly bringing the detective under her womanly spell. Her voice slinks into his ear as she edges him along bringing him to a rock hard boner. Impressed by what he is packing and not talking about his the purrfect villain walks the overly aroused dick into and very satisfying jerk off session. With ever word and twist, she brings him closer to orgasm until finally like a big black bomb with bomb written across it, he explodes in an extremely satisfying orgasm. Seeing as he has gotten off Catwoman tells him she should get off or maybe they can both explain to the commissioner how his pants got covered in his own fresh hot load!

File Name : 11___Kendra Jame!
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Duration: 00:12:32
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