Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – You Should Be Proud Of Yourself For Loving My Farts

Added: 12-05-2017
Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – You Should Be Proud Of Yourself For Loving My Farts

Some guys lock their fetish desires away for no one to see, and if caught, they would be embarrassed beyond belief. Mistress Kandy, however, thinks you should be proud to love her farts. In this hot POV clip she delivers some of her loudest and juiciest farts ever. Some of them might blast right through your screen, they’re so powerful. Just seconds into the scene she has you down on your knees with your face merely inches from her ass. She moves her G-string aside to reveal a perfectly pleated anus and lets out a massive blast, which makes her hole gape wide open. She says she’s been saving it for some time, just for you, and you should consider yourself lucky. Her big full ass looks so inviting and you won’t want to move an inch as you anticipate more of her delectable farts. While she waits for the gas to build up again, she directs your attention down to her feet to suck on her long, lean toes. You’re then told to get back up to her ass and she says “I’m leaving my panties on this time so the fabric gets soaked in fart juice.” This fart is so huge you can actually see her anus open wide as it expands around the fabric of her panties. She waves her ass like a fan to ensure all that smell moves your way, then tells you to get up to sniff and suck the fabric covering her hole. Kandy talks to you in a demeaning way, making it clear that normal sex with a hot girl wouldn’t turn you on; only her stinky farts can get you hard. Now Kandy removes her panties and tosses them at you to suck while she blasts out yet another one. She loves her own farts! They’re so amazing and you just know you could never get better farts than hers. Men fly from around the world to visit her in Vancouver just to sniff her farts and be her toilet. Now she sits on the couch and puts her legs up so you can see her pussy and ass. She lets out a controlled series of farts and says “I’m so gassy I think I’m going to be farting all day.” She plans to toss you under her covers when she goes to bed this evening, where you’ll spend a night in the Dutch oven. She makes you beg for more farts, and while you wait, you’re treated to a great visual of her big fat ass, long sexy legs, and luscious feet. “I think you should be telling your friends and family how much you love my farts” she says. “We should put this video on your f@ceb@@k” she giggles, as she raises herself back up on all fours for the grand finale. She lets out a series of long, juicy farts that literally put you to sleep. When you wake up, hopefully you’ll find yourself in her Dutch oven for a long, full night of gas-sniffing.

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