Becky Checks Your Diapers for Naughty Messes

Added: 12-11-2015

"How hilarious. You've been querulous that you 'Revulsion Becky!' plus 'Becky's the Meanest Sitter Forever!' furthermore that you don't desire Becky changing your diapers anymore since of the path she strips you! Awww. Shabby baybee! If sum that's devoted, miniature guy, if I'm so miserly plus you detest me so very, how befall you always bear humpies your diapers afterwards I sprinkle you, salve you further diaper you? Hmm? Furthermore reason is your facade total crimson authority forthwith? Did you do something reserve-improper in your diapers later Becky rubbed the diapey reckless ointment sum across your backside also your widdle peepster? Does Becky need to withhold your diaper proper forthwith to humiliate you? Should I grasp my pointer toward your diapers? Are you gonna concede what you did? Or perhaps should I hail mommy so SHE can determine the hodgepodge you made, you crumb fibber..." VISUALIZE holding a domineering sizable sis, a bratty proceeding-d or a sneering ex-teen who roosts for you furthermore diapers you, beside humiliating effects! That's Becky. She daunts your diapers, effects enjoyable of your baybee blunder, boasts her boobies in your obverse moreover strips you to rends: sticking her language away at you, pointing further laughing at you, blowing her pointer at you, moreover doing a potty stomp to create pleasant of you, till you force a humiliating #3 clutter in your diapers! HA HA! Therefore Becky creates the influences plus minor mister caress-ass builds the slaver -- for Becky! 12 humiliating points of taunting plus diaper dork teasing.

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