Goddess Brooke - Transformation from Man to Pregnant Woman

Added: 18-11-2015

This video was a custom request and no name is used throughout. What was requested in his words: "Outfit: Part 1 a) Man's briefs. b) Man's tee shirt. Part 2 a) Woman's thong (preferable) or woman's bikini briefs. b) Too small bra. c) Too small zip up sorts (if you have them) and too small cute top. If you have a top a man wouldn't be caught wearing, that would be funny. Examples would be a top with hearts or cute animals. Item: Hand mirror. Location: a) A couch or bed near a bathroom. b) Bathroom. Have the woman's clothes somewhere in here. Starting Scenario: Asleep on the couch or bed close to a bathroom. No bed sheet or covers. Tee shirt has ridden up exposing belly. Don't have on a bra seeing as your character was a man when going to sleep. Have one hand down underwear like a stereotypical man. Have fun hamming it up. I imagine a man would do a lot of boob play consciously and ... A man would probably find his center unbalanced as not being used to having breasts and a pregnant belly. Attitude: Lots of surprise and comedic horror, especially over baby movement and finding out your characters penis is now a vagina. Use lots of profanity. Script: You wake up with an incredible urge to pee. "Fuck, I really got to piss!" * * improvise, no need to go word for word. You are on your feet and on to the toilet before you realize something has changed. The first thing you notice are your heavy bouncy breasts. " !!! Are these boobs?!!!" Put your hands to your mouth as you realize your voice is VERY different. Next, pull off you tee shirt to get your first look at your breasts and your pregnant belly. "What the fuck has happened to me?!" The urge to pee is still very unbearable, so grab your crotch and continue to bathroom. Scene change. Set up camera in bathroom. As you stand in front of the toilet, you pull your shorts down to pee like a man. This is when it hits you that your penis is gone and you have a vagina. Totally freak out. Grab the hand mirror to look at it. "OMG, I have a vagina?" " Oh, . My dick!! My dick is gone!!" "Fuck, I really got to piss!" As you sit to pee, bitch about having to sit to pee. As you pee, comment on the new feelings. " , that kind of tickles." " Oh fuck, oh fuck that feels good. I thought I was going to explode." When you go to wipe, the realization of the big belly in your way finally hits you. A belly that has a very active baby in it. Be totally freaked and grossed out at the same time. As you stand up, slip off the men's briefs. Grab your belly to feel the movement. "Fuck! I'm really a big titted pregnant woman! I've really got a pussy!" Rub your vagina a few times to experience new sensations. As you start to feel a little horny, the though crosses your mind about your girlfriend. "! What's Gina ( or any female name ) going to think?" Fade to next scene. You can use the fade to reposition camera and to review script info needed. If you don't need to stop, feel free to continue. As you stand in front of the bathroom mirror, try sucking in your belly a few times to " hide" it. Check out your navel. Check out your ass and legs. ", I'm making MYSELF really horny!' Start rubbing yourself again. "Oh fuck, that feels good." All through this time, the baby is moving, so comment on it occasionally. Once again thinking of your girlfriend, you remember she has left a thong, shorts and a "much too small" top in the bathroom. You attempt to get the clothes on with not much luck. Suck in the belly to try to zipper up the shorts, but fail. Not only is your GF not pregnant, even in your new body you realize you are still taller than her with a bigger butt, hips and MUCH bigger boobs. Also, if you have a bra that is way too small, try to use that, but give up on getting it on because what man could do that even if it fit?!!! End of scene. I think a man would be constantly feeling out his new "parts". Talk about how sore and swollen your breasts are. If you are not making milk, pretend to express a little onto your fingers. Thoughts: When you find your clit for the first time, show the appropriate surprise. Wonder just how pregnant you are and freak-out over the thought of giving birth. Wonder about periods. Comment on tenderness of breasts, firmness of belly, naval "ew, it's sticking out", and baby movements. Comment on your hotness. Get your whole body involved. Remember, not only do guys like breasts and vaginas, but we love the butt and legs too"

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