HumiliationPOV - Bratty Ashley Sinclair - Creepy Gym Perv Gets Annihilated By Hot Yoga Chick

Added: 29-11-2017

I saw you spying on me in my yoga class. I know exactly what you like to do. You come to the gym and pretend like you’re working out, but you only come to be a complete perv and spy on the yoga class. You do it all the time. And honestly it’s pretty obvious that you’re not actually working out. And your perving is even more obvious. I mean you don’t look at all like you work out and how many times have I seen you at the gym? You try and play it cool like you’re not looking into the yoga room but it’s soooo obvious. LOL, and you think no one notices. Every one knows that you spy on our yoga class and we all think you’re a creep and a perv!You come almost every day and watch us, it’s pathetic. It’s no coincidence that you come at the same time as our class. I think I’m going to tell management and get you kicked out, it’s so gross to have to deal with a perv like you during my yoga class. Is that what you want perv? Well then you better start behaving. And by behaving I mean you better do whatever I want or I’m gonna tell everyone what a perv you are.So from now on you’re going to pay for my gym membership and all of my yoga attire. I want lots of cute yoga pants that accentuate my perfect ass. I know you stare at it perv, and now you’re going to pay for being such a creepy gym perv. I’m going to own you perv. Do you like that? I think you do. So from now on, you pay or I out you as the disgusting perv that you are. And believe me there are plenty of other girls in the class who will back me up.You deserve to be treated like the pathetic perv that you are. And even though I won’t tell if you pay, you’re still not allowed to come here and perv. Do you get that loser? Maybe you’ll actually work out now, lol. You should fucking thank me for doing this to you.

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