Meana Wolf - Swear To Mommy

Added: 24-11-2015
Meana Wolf - Swear To Mommy

Sweetie, I want to talk to you about something. Did you take something from mommy's dresser? Come on it's okay you can tell me. You took a pair of mommy's panties didn't you? I found them in your room when I was cleaning up. Can you tell me why you took mommy's panties? Did you like the way they smelled? When mommy found them in your room...well they were dirty. Did you...touch them against your special place?'re getting a little excited. I can see it under the blanket. Hehe You want mommy to touch it? It will feel so much nicer than my panties hehe. like that don't you? Mommy's hands sliding up and down your smooth young cock? Hmm haha Mommy is getting excited too...Touch mommy here... ooh yes that feels so good. Mommy wants your cock inside of her. Fuck...oh..heheh it's okay mommy can say fuck. You want to say fuck too? hah okay well not around your sister though okay? hahah That feels good doesn't it? You like it when mommy rides your cock like that? Tell me you like it. Tell mommy to ride your fucking cock! Mmmhmm...don't stop baby...fuck mommy harder. xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: A virtual fantasy in which mommy comes to tuck you in and talk about the pair of panties you stole from her. She gets a little too excited and can't help but start to stroke your cock. She takes your hand and puts it underneath her silk nightgown...between her legs. She moans...she wants your cock. She gets on top of you and slides your hard dick inside of her. She rides your cock...she wants you to talk dirty to her. She wants you to tell her to ride your fucking dick. Be a good boy for mommy?

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