Savannah Fox - Home Wrecker JOI custom

Added: 25-04-2018

Your coworker Savannah catches u staring at her ass again. You know its rude to stare but you can’t help it. Her booty looks so juicy normally, but today she is wearing this pair of shiny black leggings. And we all know how see-through they are. She threatens to tell your girlfriend that you stare at her ass day after day. When she sees the panicked look on your face, she laughs and tosses her head.

Your secret is safe with me, she reassures you. She leans back, and you notice that she isn’t wearing a bra under her white shirt. As u stare at the outlined version of her nipples you feel your dick start to twitch. You try to keep from getting hard, she would never speak to you again if you got a boner in front of her! But then Savannah comes closer and tells you, that she doesn’t hold it against you for staring at her, she knows she is hot. And waayyyyy hotter then your wife. She saw her on lunch break, and there is no comparison. Savannah tells you that she is caught u doing other things, like smelling her hair, and she has caught you touching your dick! She confronts you about it, and you are at a loss for words. She acts like your friend and tells you the only thing she wants is to see it next time you get a boner at work. She leans back and points out the fact she isn’t wearing a bra and begins to toy with her nipples. She coaxes you into a raging hard boner teasing and taunting u, but never taking off her clothes. She teases you more until you feel like your about to explode. She bends over shaking her massive booty knowing your weak spot for it. Savannah is so hott, every part of her dripping with sex appeal. But she tells you there is a catch, u have to break up with your girlfriend if you cum for her! If not she will just tell your girlfriend they had sex anyway.

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