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Added: 29-04-2018

You've never had a social life nor will you ever have one. Partying is for popular people, people with friends, something that you have never had nor ever been but myself and Princess Samantha don't just party in fact our lives are one big party and your footing the bill. We don't socialise in average clubs we party in the best of the very best. The most elite, expensive, members only clubs are the kind you will find us in. Simply no riff raff at all will be able to gain entry. We party with the rich, the famous and the beautiful people in the world and we fit in perfectly. You wouldn't have a hope in hell of gaining entry and I'm sure you wouldn't dare. Can you imagine how out of place you would look, how disgustingly embarrassed would you feel. You would be a sceptical so that's why you just stay at home out of public and pay for these nights instead.

You sit at home and ponder what it would be like to live our lives even for a second. To have fun, have friends, party, enjoy luxury, have women and men at our feet and not give a flying fuck. We simply deserve this life, paid to exist because we are young, beautiful and powerful. You will fill our accounts with constant tributes throughout our night just to gain our attention. We will spend your cash on the finest champagne and not give you a second thought. We will be mixing with the hottest Alpha men and loving every minute. You have no use but to be our wallet. You will spend your saturday night in alone worshipping our bratty ass' and longing for the opportunity to clean our dirty club heels on our return.

You're a loser, you stay at home and pay us whilst we party every single night of the week. Don't you just hate but love us.

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