The Mean Girls - Goddess Ash Hollywood - Hotel Ruination

Added: 30-04-2018

Well, this is it… You really wanted me – The Famous Goddess Ash Hollywood – to ruin your life. You have been begging and pleading via email for sooo long now to do this to you. But when you finally broke down and sent me a nice big fat payment in advance to get my attention, I knew you were actually SERIOUS. So I decided to really make this happen for you.

Here is how its going to go down- when we finally get to this hotel I am going to take your phone, your money, your id and leave you there outside the room- naked and thousands of miles from home. But don’t worry, there is an adult theater next door so you might actually be able to sneak in there and “earn” enough money for some pants!Read less
How does it feel to know that I am going to be ruining your life? You are just so jaded from the clips I make you jerk to that you NEED this. You need the REAL thing now, huh? You thought i was being nice making all these clips for you, haha. But I knew sooner or later you would be begging me to fuck your whole life up for REAL, LOL!

Well, since you are going to be naked on the streets, I think we should make this a little more humiliating, haha. Oh really, you don’t think I can top this??? Well, We are stopping by the tattoo shop on the way to the hotel. Can you guess what tattoos I am going to make you get…?

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