Sasha Mizaree - Special Therapy Treatment

Added: 10-05-2018

Custom clip: [I am a virgin loser in my mid 30s I probably will become the 40 year old virgin minus the valuable toy collection and the heartwarming love connection. I have been attracted to women all my life but they can smell the loser on me and want nothing to do with me. I have as such developed a longing and a disgusting habit of leering at attractive women. This has caused me problems at the college where I work. I was behind the deans daughter on the stairs when she caught me staring up her short skirt. She freaked out kicked me in the groin and then went running to her father. I wasnt fired, probably because of the groin kick. But I was required to see a specialist in urge suppression therapy for both private and group urge suppression sessions. the doctor has me replace my prescription glasses with expensive wireless webcam spy glasses so she can correct/punish/tax me whenever I leer at a women. The Highdef images from the cam are automatically uploaded to her offices servers and analyzed with imaging software. Whenever I look towards a face/body that the software judges to be female an alert is sent into that patients file. Multiple voyeurisms alert the doctor who can then intervene via phone, text, etc. The patient agrees to wave their privacy rights in order to be in this program and save their job. This gives the doctor all she needs to keep escalating the treatment program.]

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