Madam Violet - My MindFucks Will be your ONLY Fucks

Added: 25-05-2018

A deep, intense fucking of your mind delivering intense psychological conditioning rounded off with a pussy-mind AND cock orgasm. Lucky boy, highly effective psychological manipulation never felt or looked so insanely good! Ironic how I’m fucking your pussy-mind as I am programming your brain to REJECT all pussy as REMOVE My bikini bottoms…STROKE…My body and nails and eyes, a hint of pussy, I’m a FEAST for the senses, far more overwhelming than any ‘real’ sex you’ve had. YES slave, it’s always better when I do the fucking. The ONLY pussy I want you to care about is the slutty pussy-mind of yours that you are SPREADING wide for Me. My familiar hipn0tic metaphors obliterating your consciousness….how can just TALKING be so fucking HOT. Because I am FUCKING your swollen, gaping, dripping pussy-mind with every word, that’s why! OWNING you so totally. Highly aroused, your consciousness gapes wide and I pump it full; When you think of pussy or sex your mind will cum HERE, to ME fucking your pussy mind from behind, to Me reaching around and taking what’s Mine from you - you will barely even notice - then finishing you off in a combined cock/pussy-mind orgasm…. No fucking for you, just me fucking your mind. It’s better this way, the pleasure is DEEPER, complete. Contains: hipnosis, deepener, hipn0tic metaphor, sensual domination, erotic hipn0sis, masturbation instruction, manipulation, brainwashing, female domination, addiction, financial domination psychological conditioning, mind control, strip tease, pussy tease, cum countdown.

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