Goddess Christina - Ass Kissing Worship

Added: 02-06-2018

I look so fucking hot in this slave purchased lingerie don’t I!? I know it has to be so hard for all my good boys. So hard to only be able to look and not touch. Slaves are to be on their knees worshiping me. Pleasing me only with money and gifts.

My man does all the physical pleasing. When this camera turns off he comes right in and fucks me OH SO Good!!! But what can a slave earn? What can a weak BETA male such as yourself do to not go completely mad while taking in such a perfect sight? You will earn your rewards! You see me looking completely flawless and perfect and I turn around and you CAN’T HOLD BACK. You fall sooooo hard for me. Seeing my gorgeous ass in these spectacular cheekless panties and then IT HAPPENS! You’re rock hard at the sight of my sexy asshole slightly peeking out as I rock my hips back and forth in front of you. All you can imagine is kissing each perfect cheek. Knowing that you are inches away from my uncovered tight ASS! You want to earn those kisses. You NEED to! That appropriate reward that you know will make you DRIP! You want to DRIPPP for me! So you do as you are told. You take in all the tease, denial, and humiliation that I dish to earn those kisses through your obedience.

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