The Mean Girls - CUCKED TO DETH

Added: 05-06-2018

OMG did you REALLY think I wouldn’t TOTALLY take advantage of this “cuckolding” fetish that you have? I mean, what girl wouldn’t? This predicament you are in right now is totally YOUR fault. How long have you been bound and gagged in this closet now anyway? 2, 3 days? I don’t even know, nor do I care. I am too busy bringing HOT guys back here and FUCKING them as loudly as a I possibly can in the next room. Awww…

is it getting to be too much for u? Are you regretting telling me? Or do you just want some food & water? LOL. Hey, this was YOUR fetish honey, remember..?

And I am loving it so it is NOT going to stop, got it?? I didn’t even think this “lifestyle” was possible, but now I have the best of both worlds- I am fucking broke ass (but totally HOT!!) models every day and not feeling even a little bit guilty about it AND have unlimited access to all YOUR money since you foolishly married me- yet I don’t even have to touch your ugly fat old ass. And I’m just going to leave u in there so you can listen to me scream OTHER GUYS NAMES every day…until you just starvve to and I permanently inherit ALL your money! …but I will generously make sure that you’ll have a hardon the ENTIRE time haha. Too bad your hands are tied behind your back so you can’t even touch it…

And do you know WHY this will continue, honey? It’s not just because I’m a greedy gold-digging bitch or because I find u repulsive. (Although both are true!) Its because I am actually turned on from this “fetish” of yours even more than YOU are! While I am fucking these guys I am actually thinking of YOU here in this closet listening with that little hardon of yours and the mental TORMENT I am inflicting on you…AND all that MONEY I’m going to inherit soon…and it just makes for the best sex I have ever had!

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