Tara Tainton - Taken Advantage Of: Your Oedipal Fantasy Fulfilled

Added: 12-06-2018

I know you want it. Your body gives u away… that tight, younger bod, all virginal and untouched. Who cares why I stepped into the bathroom while you were in the shower to begin with? Does it really matter? I am here now. Your mom’s away, but you’re still thinking of her, aren’t you? Miss her even? You two have such a close relationship… a bit suspicious actually. Oh, I know my own sister would never entertain the idea that you have a crush on her. But I know. I can tell. You are hard already at the mere mention of your dear “mom.” And I’m going to take every advantage of it. After all, I look very much like her, don’t I? Ever wondered what she looks like naked? Well, have a look at your aunt… Your cock is giving you away… and I know just how to handle it. Don’t move, no need to say a word. Just let me do everything. Let me teach you. Think of her, and I’ll have my way with you. Right here. In the shower with you. And don’t you dare tell anyone what we’ve just done, or I’ll tell them ALL about your perverted fantasies and secret mom crush!

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