Charlotte Stokely - Honeymoon Sissification

Added: 21-06-2018

I kept you a virgin for three years and now that we are married I am making you my sissy bitch! It's not optional, I am making this decision. Anyway what are you going to do, say that on our honeymoon you want a divorce? Everyone will think you are crazy. They will never believe that this was my idea anyway. You will be the laughing stock of the town either way, so if you want to stay with the only person that will ever have you, you had better get used to the fact that you will be in high heels for the rest of your sissy life. Oh we are going full fag, darling. All my friends already know. They knew the plan about two years ago and we have been laughing behind your back the whole engagement. You will sleep in frilly lingerie and wear poofy sissy dresses every single day. In fact, you are not getting to bed tonight without perfecting the limp wristed walk in some lingerie and heels. Oh and tomorrow we have an appointment to get you some lip injections for your new cock sucker lips! Your new sex life will be sucking a dildo in the corner, haha! Keep down the noise from your crying while you listen to be get fucked by a real man in the other room.

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