British Bratz - The Girlfriend Cycle

Added: 28-06-2018

This is what we like to call the ‘GF cycle’. It’s basically when you losers try your hardest to fit into the normal world, to live a vanilla lifestyle and somehow manage to get a girlfriend. You ‘think’ you have left your Femdom addiction behind, deleting your collection of clips you have built up, your cookies and trying to put it at the back of your mind. You try to prove to your girlfriend, yourself and the rest of the world that you are a real man and no longer a submissive little loser.

The thing is, it never goes to plan. Your girlfriend comes to her senses and leaves you and your back on your own twiddling your thumbs, heartbroken and defeated as a real man. How long did that last? all of 2 minutes.
So, that’s why your back here again. On your knees, at our feet, begging for our attention. Did you think we missed you? No. We didn’t even notice you left. When one pig ‘leaves’ another, more willing, obedient slave takes he’s place. Did you think we missed your money? of course not. Deleting ALL those clips was a silly idea of yours. Now you will have to go through the store and re-buy every single clip meaning evening more money in our greedy hands.
No matter what, I will always benefit out of your actions, stupid or not and you will always come crawling back. You will realise you cannot live your life without me/us in it so why not embrace it and accept that you will be a loser for life and your ONLY future is of being my pay pig. Happy spending sucker!

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