Miss Noel Knight - Spit In Your Food

Added: 30-06-2018

You are such a pathetic, lowly little worm. You'll do absolutely anything to get my attention, no matter how humiliating or disgusting it is. Well, I've got the perfect little taste for your, my little degradation junkie! I know you missed breakfast so that you could come here and wank off to more of my clips, so I think we'd better feed you. This time you're going to get a mouthful of pet food, with some extra special sauce: my creamy, yummy spit. Now open wide, slave boy, it's time for your feeding.

Miss Noel knight humiliates you about how disgusting you are and laughs at how low you would go for her. She ends up opening a can of catfood and spitting in it telling you that you are going to eat and enjoy it. She insults you throughout for being so pathetic. She remains clothed throughout

Side note: I purchased this clip thinking it was breakfast cereal. Gutted that I wasted my money after discovering that I was mistaken. Hopefully it's someone else's cup of tea

File Name : 11___MNK225-spitinyourfood
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Duration: 00:05:59
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