Madam Violet - Obedience is Pleasure

Added: 10-12-2015

This is the first of a very powerful series of files that will solidify the programming you received during the audio 10 Stations of Servitude. This file is still suitable for those who have not trained with the mp3s yet - but I DO recommend you do this the correct way.As you should know by now OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE. Listen to Me, do as I say and you will get to experience deep pleasure, as long as you demonstrate flawless obedience, which you will.This is genuine hip n0sis with a full induction, continually deepening your trance with triggers to SLEEP, and those oh so sweet finger snaps which send bolts of pleasure through your body into your dick. A countdown deepener, with lots of reinforcement of that basic fact that you are SUCH an obedient slave, you are compelled to obey Me. I have made you that way.Once I have expertly opened your mind and it is SPREAD out before Me, I enter. Reinforcing your most basic requirement - complete obedience, adding visual anchors to the programming you have already received. I allow you to begin stroking your cock. But you must follow precise instructions, demonstrate your obedience. Add you STROKE and SLIDE, your obedience to Me naturally grows, the pleasure that you feel powerfully SWELLS, obedience is pleasure *SNAP*. I make you stop and start, all the while My words settle like deep snow in your mind, you will do whatever I say, even though that scares youyou cannot resist, you were born to OBEY, stroke your cock and say Yes, Goddess. LOUDER! I take you to the very brink, but you will not cum until triggered to do so, Yes slave, OBEDIENCE is PLEASURE, wait for your trigger, My PERFECT breasts, not yet slave, wait until My breasts are fully naked, and you are fully triggered, nearly there, so close, one glance of My naked tits and you will be COMPELLED to CUM, Good boy! Now say it again Obedience is Pleasure.

File Name : Madam Violet - Obedience is Pleasure
Format : MPEG-4
File Size : 296 MB
Resolution : 854 x 480
Duration : 00:25:12




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