Madam Violet - Desperately HARD Weak Needy

Added: 05-07-2018

One of those ‘must have’ files. Nearly 30 mins of escape; of sweet tr4nce, DEEP surrender, intolerable pleasure and your soft mind beautiful contrast to your hard cock. Get used to it slave because I want your cock to prove to Me just how grateful it is for THIS sublime body. I want it SO HARD, that I am in no doubt. When I think you and your cock have reached a deep enough state of HELPLESS DESIRE then I will allow you to stroke.

Surrender first your mind, then your cock, SHOW Me how beholden you are to My power. You have to EARN your strokes. Thigh high boots, fishnet bodystocking – nothing else…you’re mindless with desperation , utterly defeated by My power, My perfect Goddess curves my words overpowering you with ease.
I know how grateful you are, how WEAK you feel and I love to hear it so hold your cock – NO stroking yet, massage your balls & REPEAT after Me…finally I allow u to stroke. Not too much, just enough….
When i have had My fun I count you up out of trance allowing you to stroke as you do so, getting HARDER the more awake you become until SNAP wide awake back in the room. NO stroking! PERFECT t0rture! I want u to remain a prisoner of your LUST for Me. Weak, horny desperate – perfection

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