Madam Violet - The First Taste is the Sweetest

Added: 12-07-2018

I think you need to eat your cum more. There are SO many reasons. It is convenient, practical, justified, AROUSING, submissive. Either you already eat your cum (good boy) or you want to learn how to do it, because you want to PLEASE. Nothing else exists as a reality for Me, a dominant Woman, a Goddess of Persuasion, u either already please Me, or you’re desperate to learn.So I will teach you, we will take it nice and slow, I know the idea can be daunting, repulsive to some. I am going to make it as appetising as possible. I am the sugar that helps the medicine go down. As I encourage you to jerk I am reprogramming your brain, all the words I say are chosen carefully, to convince your mind that you really do WANT to taste your cum for Me. All My devious words laying the foundations of your new way of thinking, for the subsequent training. Layered instructions, hidden commands, classic tricks of persuasion and manipulation.There is no traditional hipn osis, but you will trance out, you will be mesmerised, seduced stupid, so easy to change the way your mind thinks when you’re horny and stupid. When My tits are in your face, you cannot say no, you say YES GODDESS!. I KNOW you want to eat your cum for Me, just a taste, just a little taste at first.the first taste always the sweetest.

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