HumiliationPOV - Lady Fyre - Young Step Mom Manipulates Her New Step Son

Added: 17-07-2018

I know that you’re worried about your dad. I mean I just married him and came into your family and I’m much younger than him. In fact, you and I are much closer in age, aren’t we? And I know that you’re concerned that I might only be after your daddy’s money. But I assure you that’s not true. It’s not just money I’m after, I love controlling men. I just really get off on it. I just love manipulating men. I’m so beautiful and seductive, it wasn’t hard to get your dad to propose to me.

I saw in him a weakness, an empty place in his life and I was really eager to fill that empty place. I could have married lots of men with money, but I didn’t, I married your dad because he’s weak and vulnerable to my charms. And he really needs to be controlled. There are a lot of men who need that and I think you know what I mean. Because I think you’re one of them too. And as much as you’ve tried to stand up for your dad and protect him, you see something in me that you like. You see the way that I control him and you want that too.

I know you think I’m gorgeous. I’ve seen you staring at my ass. It’s ok, you can admit it, we’re really close in age so it’s only natural. I know you’re a bit jealous of your father. It’s ok. I just want to prove a point, that I can control you as easily as I control him. I know exactly what I’m doing. You see he made me the sole beneficiary of his will, you’ve been written out completely. Now there is a way that you and I can both get what we want out of this arrangement.

I have here a chastity cage. It goes on your penis and I can lock you up. Then I can control your penis. You won’t be able to masturbate and you won’t be able to have sex. It is one of my favorite ways to control men. Your dad has a cage just like this. So we can both get what we want if you just put this on and let me have the only key. And if you do that, I will see that you get money when he passes. I really didn’t need to cut you out of the will, I’m willing to share, but I did need a way to control you.

So put this on, become my chastity slave like your dad, and I will see that you get what’s coming to you. Are you starting to see how good I am at controlling men? I think you’re a little bit turned on by the idea because I think you’re just like your dad. You need to be controlled by a woman in order to be happy. So I think you’re going to benefit from this as much as I will. Don’t try to deny it. Now if you agree, I want you to put it on and leave the key on my nightstand.

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