Candy Glitter - The Denial is the Best Part of Tease and Denial

Added: 26-07-2018

You are so horny and weak for me. I know how hard you get when you see me. I know that you can’t resist me. Admit it. You’re so weak for my body. You would love nothing more than to jerk off to my hot body. But I love fucking with you. I love teasing you. And I love giving you instructions because I know you will follow every single one of them. You are so weak that you’ll do exactly as I say without hesitation.
So go on and stroke for me, let you mind melt. Stare at my hot body and listen to my perfect bratty voice and stroke away, my horny boy. You like how that feels, don’t you? Now hands off! This is my game. I love fucking with you. I love breaking you down. I love making you ache for me. No stroking, I don’t want you to.
You can stroke again now. Stroke while you think about fucking me. I know how badly you want to. That’s never ever going to happen, but it’s fun to mindfuck you a little bit. I love making you ache for something that you’ll never have. Now suffer, hands off of that cock! You are so totally unworthy of ever fucking me, you are a jerkaholic loser and the only good thing you’re good for is being teased, denied and mindfucked.
You know that you’re better off stroking than fucking. I’m so cruel but you love it so much, it’s so confusing, isn’t it? It melts your mind just knowing that you can’t stop stroking to me even though you know I’m just fucking with you.
You know that you need to be guided, even if it’s to complete denial. It’s the right thing to do because you get off on being fucked with. Stroke it. And stop. LOL! I know how badly you want to squirt for me but I’m just having too much fun fucking with you and leading you around in circles, teasing and denying your pathetic cock. And you can’t get enough of it. You’re too weak. Stroke it. And stop. Stroke and stop. I know how badly this fucks with your brain.
Now pump it hard and say, ‘Princess Candy, I am your mindless puppet.’ Beg me to cum. LOL. No! I love teasing you. Edge yourself again loser. You’re so weak and horny. Beg me again to cum. Now take your fucking hands off and stop stroking your cock. You’re my little puppet and I don’t want you to cum. The denial is the best part of tease and denial, isn’t it? Now thank me for denying you.

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