Madam Violet - No Nipples for you JOI

Added: 04-08-2018

I love My breasts and I will always relish using them to their very FULL potential when acquiring and controlling slaves. But sometimes I am aware of how little you deserve these magnificent breasts - and most importantly My divine nipples. So slave at the count of three you will be deep in trance - I now that because your cock will be hard. When your dick is hard your mind is Mine. Then W/we are going to play a game involving your dick and My nipples. As I play with My large naked tits you will STROKE your cock. BUT every time you see My perfect NIPPLES you must stop stroking immediately. Maddening, I know. Stop and start, stop and start, you so BADLY want to stroke for My nipples, but you don’t deserve to, you must MEDITATE on them. I eventually take pity and county down into orgasm - but same rules apply. You MUST cum at the count of one, but you may only stroke when My nipples are hidden….can you time your orgasm slave, can you hold it together….? Can you ever escape this addiction to My PERFECT Goddess tits? Nope

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