HumiliationPOV - Turning Your Chronic Masturbation Addiction Into A Denial Addiction

Added: 07-08-2018

You’re the one with the chronic masturbation habit. Why is that my fault? You’re the one who can’t stop stroking and yet you blame me for it? Why would you blame me for your addiction, for your problems? Am I enabling you, hmmm? I’m not making you stroke, I’m not making you buy and watch these videos. If fact, I’m not even telling you to stroke, I’m telling you not to stroke. No stroking. We’ll cure your little chronic masturbation habit easily by denying you the action of fucking your hand. If you want me to take the blame for fucking you, well then I’m also going to take the credit for fixing you.So if you don’t want to stroke any more then fine, no stroking while I tease you. No stroking to my ass. If I’m the problem, then I’m going to be the solution. I’m going to solve you, I’m going to fix you. You wanna blame me? Well fuck you! No stroking. You’re never allowed to jerk off to me again. Now if you jerk you can only blame yourself for your problem. I want you to quit. I’m here to prevent you from being a chronic masturbator. I’m here to cure you from your addiction. So you just stare and drool. No stroking. I’m not the problem, I’m not the blame, I’m trying to prevent you from falling even deeper. No stroking. I’m going to cure you of your chronic masturbation problem. And you’re going to thank me. The only problem is, you’re going to fall even deeper for me. You’re going to worship me, you’re going to need me even more than before. Do you know why? Because you’re an addict. And now your chronic masturbation addiction is going to turn into a denial addiction. Yes, that’s right, you’re going to get addicted to being denied. You’re fucked either way. And it’s not my fault you’re an addict. And you’re not going to need the cure to this addiction to being denied.

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