Goddess Alexandra Snow - Hypnosis Gets You High

Added: 11-08-2018

The deeper you go down for me, the more addicted you become. You can't get enough of this feeling, the sensation of me sucking you down. That's because hyp n0 s!s gets you high, doesn't it? The more you go down into trance for me, the higher you get. It's a drug filled with euphoria and arousal, of deep pleasure, and you can't get away from it. But of course you don't really want to now, do you? The more you listen to me, the deeper you go. You allow my words to relax your thoughts. You do it so willingly. Because you are addicted to this and it makes you feel so good. This natural, beautiful blissful high of going deep for me is inescapable. It's what you crave. You don't even want real physical stimulation anymore. And why would you? This feels so much better. To you it's all in your mind. I don't even have to be in your presence to control you. Just the sound of my voice and my image commanding you to go down deeper. I get deep inside your mind, opening you up, making you tingle, allowing you to float, and you feel so high. You're so high on my control. You feel your mind drifting and it makes you feel even higher. You ache for my control. You come back for your fix, wanting more. You beg for me to get inside your head and control you just a little bit more because every step deeper just makes you feel that much higher. And you so desperately need that high, you need to feel it more and more, like an addict. You can't kick this habit. You wait for my snaps, like triggers, pulling you down deeper, making that high feel just so much better. You love it here. I'm going deeper into your subconscious. You love this feeling. It floods your senses and takes control of your brain, you feel a rush of ecstasy. This beautiful, blissful high. You just float in it, wishing it would never end, wanting to go deeper. It's so amazing, isn't it? You want more of my power as I hyp n0 t!ze you deeper and deeper, as I pull your psyche apart bit by bit from the inside. Good boy. Feel the sensation of my control swimming over you. Feel it wash through you and fill every cavity of your body. My control goes deep. This beautiful, euphoric feeling gets you so high, better than any drug that's ever been made. You lose all sense of time and place, all sense of self, you don't know who you are and it doesn't matter. This is what you need and I can give it to you as I fuck your brain, as I make you mine, as I make you go down deeper and deeper, penetrating you. I am all you need. I'm going to make you high and I'm going to keep you there, penetrating you and turning you into a vessel of obedience and desire. More and more, I'm going to get you so high until you don't even know who you are. The fog just flowing over your consciousness as you go down even deeper. Aching for more. It's so easy now, just to let go, float and be mine. Good boy. Even further now, deeper, higher. My hyp n0 s!s is the perfect drug. You will never recover, you can never kick this habit, I have reprogrammed you. I've rewired your brain. There is no coming back.

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