The Mean Girls - Queen Kasey, Princess Jennifer - Cum Dumpster Cuck

Added: 15-08-2018

So We (Queen Kasey & Princess Jennifer) have been using you as a cuck slave- and we both think it’s so pathetic how you let us treat you. And Our boyfriends think its hilarious. (Yeah, they laugh at you too, loser! LOL) We all do. You are the laughingstock on all Our doubled dates- that YOU pay for. That’s right- while you are waiting out in the car in the PARKING LOT while we sit in a nice restaurant dining on filet minion and lobster, we are LAUGHING at you and MOCKING you the entire time. Especially when we are texting you to “get your ass in here and pay our tab bitch”- and show the text to Our boyfriends right before you come running in to kneel next to our table and present the waitress with your credit card for our outrageously expensive meal for 4!

Download the clip to hear what we are going to make you do in the restaurant and what we are going to make you do AFTER dinner while We are FUCKING our stud boyfriends! (let’s just say you will need to “open up and say “ahhhhh” while we all have a few more laughs at your expense!!)


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