Goddess Alexandra Snow - Jerk, Cum And D.!.E – End Your Misery, Sacrifice Yourself For Me

Added: 15-12-2015
Goddess Alexandra Snow - Jerk, Cum And D.!.E – End Your Misery, Sacrifice Yourself For Me

I can't begin to describe to you how much you don't mean to me. I think you think that I care. And even though I made this video for countless numbers of people you think that somehow I'm sitting here talking just to you. You're so delusional. I don't care about you, not at all. In fact, I don't even care if you're alive. In fact, the only way you could have any meaning to me at all, is if you are willing to do the 'final' sacrifice. If you were able to k.!.l.l yourself, for me. Because anything else, is just you, jerking your cock. It's you just satisfying yourself, making yourself cum, which has no meaning at all to me.
But I'm going to allow you one final jerk. It would be cruel of me not to. And then you're going to show me how much you are willing to sacrifice, by sacrificing all of you. That's right. I don't care how you do it, that's not important to me. All that's important to me is knowing that there's one less loser on the planet. You see that's how little I actually care about you, I don't even care if you ever buy another video. You mean that little to me. Obviously you can't buy a video when you're d.e.a.d. but I won't notice of course. There's always another loser out there who will come and take your place. Keep stroking..
You see I'm ok with you having one final bit of pleasure. I'm not completely heartless. You're jerking it as you're considering how you're going to do it. How you're going to end yourself for me. There's such a vast population of you losers that you won't be missed at all. You are a waste of space, you are literally consuming resources that should be reserved for others who are living lives more worthwhile. If I could just get rid of enough of you idiots, then maybe I could start to improve the gene pool. Think about it, your d.e.a.t.h. will improve the world.
C'mon jerk, jerk, jerk. You're going to do it for me. You're going to end that misery. You're going to cum and then I'm going to make you k.!.l.l yourself. You could even do it right at the moment of orgasm. I've got some wonderful suggestions for you on how you could do it. Don't worry, no one will miss you, certainly not me. Fucking do it already, cum and off yourself. Show me what a waste of space you and dispose of yourself for me. Don't be a pussy.

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